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Cloud Concepts - Cyber Security and Block Chain

The cloud is the future and the future is now. But is the cloud a safe place for pharmaceutical companies to operate? Or is it best to continue hosting and operating software technology solutions on an organization own, on-premise infrastructure? This online course will explore the pros and cons of cloud-based computing. Attendees will gain an understanding of what "the cloud" is and how it's both different, and similar, in comparison to software solutions that run on company-owned servers. Data concerns will also be addressed and aspects of regulatory compliance will be explored and answers on how one can comply will be provided. If already operating in the cloud, attendees will be gain insight on how they can assess their own company's cloud platform, and take proactive measures to resolve any vulnerabilities.

This session will also explore the concept of a distributed ledger that is accepted as the truth by the majority of participants in a network that can change the way we manage, verify, and trust data. Eliminating a central authority (i.e., a database or centrally managed cloud environment) removes our reliance on a single system of record, as well as the vulnerability of being able to alter the truth. The blockchain is a foundational technology based on the concepts of distributed computing. Its primary use in industry to date has been through the bitcoin network, however, the application of blockchain to healthcare and life sciences is actively being explored. The basics of how the blockchain functions and its potential impact on pharmaceutical manufacturing and data integrity as it relates to ALCOA+ will be discussed.

Interactive Course includes:

  • A downloadable presentation for note-taking.
  • Learning reviews/assessments highlighting important points.
  • Reference materials and links to regulatory information.
  • An online resource handout as a quick reference for all the web links discussed.

CEUs are provided once you achieve an 80% passing grade and complete the evaluation.


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