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2023 ISPE December Online Live Training

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GAMP® Data Integrity 21 CFR Part 11
5 - 7 Dec 2023

This GAMP Data Integrity 21 CFR Part 11 Training Course will cover data integrity, electronic records and signatures, and the compliant operation of GxP Computerized Systems to provide the tools and techniques to implement proper controls for data.

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ATMP Manufacturing
5 - 8 Dec 2023

This course is focused on the commercial manufacture of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) drug products in manufacturing facilities. The purpose of this course is to focus on facility engineering issues and how to provide cost-effective facilities to ensure that products of the highest quality are consistently manufactured, as defined in the new Good Practice Guide. 

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GAMP® 5, Annex 11/Part 11 Basic Principles
12 - 14 Dec 2023

This fundamental course introduces participants to regulatory requirements for computerized systems in the pharmaceutical industry and explores tried, tested, and internationally recognized methods of meeting those requirements. GAMP® guidance provides a pragmatic and effective framework for achieving computerized systems that are fit for intended use and meet current regulatory requirements. Please click the "Locations and Registrations" table to select the two or three-day sessions.

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Pharmaceutical Water Systems
12 - 14 Dec 2023

This course has been substantially updated to feature the guiding principles of the ISPE Baseline Guide: Water and Steam Systems (Second Edition) with particular emphasis placed upon microbial control and laboratory water as well as key design philosophies. The principles of design and operation of water systems used directly in pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory applications, including the essential concepts and principles of systems used to generate USP, EP and non-compendial waters will be covered.

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