Natalia Nikolaevna Vtyurina, PhD

Bristol Myers Squibb
QA, Manager of Operations
Natalia was trained as a fundamental physicist at Moscow State University (2011) and successfully graduated as a PhD in biophysics at Delft Technical University (2016). This experience prompted her to proceed further towards a new challenge in biomedical research. After her postdoc in the field of nanomedicines at University of Groningen (2019) where she has learnt about encapsulation and delivery of mRNA and APIs in nanocarriers, she transitioned from academia to pharmaceutical industry. Working at ProPharma Group as a Consultant grounded her all the necessary knowledge to fight COVID-19 pandemic and contribute to vaccine production as a Senior Quality Assurance Officer at HALIX BV.

Being social, proactive and passionate about supporting professionals working in Pharma, she is actively sharing my knowledge and contributing to dynamic, fast developing and international environments such as International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and Leiden Bioscience Park (LBSP). In her role at the ISPE Netherlands Affiliate she focuses on strengthening connection with the ISPE members locally and globally, learning and reflecting as much as possible on their expectations from our community. She is also gladly serving as a bridge between ISPE Emerging Leaders and ISPE Netherlands Affiliate Board to make sure we grow the next generation of experts in Pharma who will embrace innovative technologies and the challenges of the Pharma 4.0. She believes that her efforts in Pharma industry will bring her closer to a mission to increase quality of medicines and reduce their prices making them affordable worldwide.

Besides of it she has a proven technical expertise in scientific research combined with business oriented set of mind and industrial experience resulting in 10+ successfully delivered projects for various pharmaceutical companies within manufacturing & development team. The most achievement she is proud of is delivery as a QA of a large emergency project during GMP manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines resulted in a release of >80 M doses of drug substance to European market.

She is a sport addict committed to serve for healthier population. She likes to relax by giving stretching classes, get some strength and energy at Thai boxing trainings and reach harmony by doing ballet classes at classical music. She always takes an initiative and enjoy setting up projects from a scratch that require achievement of a common goal from a group of people. She believes that people flexible in their bodies are flexible in their minds.