Natalia Nikolaevna Vtyurina, PhD

Bristol Myers Squibb
QA, Manager of Operations
I was trained as a fundamental physicist at Moscow State University (2011). After graduation of BSc and MSc, I realized that I am not very passionate about continuing my studies and career in physics. Instead, I decided to apply tools of physics to study biological systems. I successfully obtained my PhD in biophysics from BioNanoScience Department of Delft University of Technology (2016).

This experience prompted me to proceed further towards a new challenge in biomedical research at the Department of Pharmacokinetics, Toxicology and Targeting of Groningen University. In collaboration with Oslo University, I completed my postdoctoral project in the field of nanomedicines and targeted drug delivery (2019).

Observing living creatures under the microscope was the most fascinating experience I have ever had. However, after spending 14 years in science, I was missing a link to direct impact on society. Thus, I decided to transition from academia to industry. First, working as a consultant in Life Sciences (2020) grounded me in all the necessary knowledge to fight COVID-19 pandemic. In a role of Quality Assurance (QA) I delivered >80M doses of AstraZeneca vector vaccine drug substance to the European market (2022). Next, I joined BMS in the Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) field (2023).

BMS is currently building their first in Europe state of the art digital Cell Therapy Facility (CTF) in Leiden, the Netherlands. As a QA Manager of Operations, I am involved in the preparation of this facility for the inspection readiness and later commercial launch of manufacturing of personalized products against leukemia. I hope that more people in the future can have access to this innovative new generation of personalized medicines providing them with another chance to be someone’s child, parent or friend.

Being social, proactive and passionate about innovation in the health care sector, I am actively participating at the conferences. I volunteer my time to the dynamic, fast developing and international non-profit environments such as Leiden Bioscience Park (LBSP) and International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). Being engaged with all of these activities helps me to stay up to date with the most recent trends evolving together with them.

The organization of the ISPE Hackathon in Amsterdam in 2023 sponsored by Roche was the largest event I have organised where 30 emerging leaders from all over the world joined to solve challenges in the ATMP field applying tools from Pharma 4.0.