Christa B. Myers

Senior Pharmaceutical Engineering Specialist
Christa Myers is a Senior Pharmaceutical Engineering Specialist at CRB with more than 20 years of experience providing clients with insight as to how innovative technologies apply to process and facility designs. Her involvement starts with the strategic concept and continues through construction and startup of projects. Building on her years as an operator, Christa has used her first hand approach and understanding to assist her clients in designing facilities and equipment – each facility being unique, with different drivers, different products and different dosing mechanisms. With 20+ years of operating and designing filling equipment experience, Christa has been instrumental in many fill finish projects—both retrofits and new construction.

With an extensive background in the design of fill-finish facilities, chemical kilo labs, pilot plants, API research and manufacturing facilities, bulk pharmaceutical chemical facilities, highly hazardous compound containment, and biotech process facilities, Christa’s broad range of expertise benefits her clients in the design of their facilities.