U.S. Office of Science & Technology Senior Advisor to Deliver Keynote Address at the 2022 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference

2022 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference

ISPE announced Matthew Hepburn, MD, Senior Advisor to the Director, Pandemic Prevention, U.S. Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), Executive Office of the President, as a confirmed keynote for the 2022 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference, taking place on 1–2 February in North Bethesda, Maryland and virtually.

The opening keynote session COVID's Impact on Pharma Facilities of the Future will take a high-level look ahead at global pharmaceutical manufacturing and related regulatory systems. Hepburn will discuss Lessons Learned from Operation Warp Speed for Rapid Vaccine Development at the opening plenary session and the executive forum dinner.

The mission of OSTP is “to maximize the benefits of science and technology to advance health, prosperity, security, environmental quality, and justice for all Americans.” At the OSTP, Hepburn works on preparing the country for future pandemics, with a spotlight on the acceleration of vaccines, therapies, and test development.

Previously, Hepburn was the Director of Vaccine Development at Countermeasures Acceleration Group, formerly known as Operation Warp Speed, which is a joint effort of the Defense Department and the Department of Health and Human Services. During the Obama administration, he was the Director of Medical Preparedness for the White House National Security Council. Additionally, he served as an infectious disease doctor for the U.S. Army for over two decades.

Representatives from Bristol-Myers Squibb, CRB, and Merck will round out a compelling line-up of expert speakers at the opening plenary session.

Featuring technical presentations from regulatory authorities and industry leaders already planning and building “facilities of the future,” the 2022 ISPE Facilities of the Future Conference will explore topics such as patient-specific cell and gene therapy facilities, new developments in the use of artificial intelligence, innovations in treatment and the transforming technologies that produce them, and moving forward from the COVID-19 era.

To ensure this experience is accessible to all, this conference will be in North Bethesda, Maryland, with virtual components—delivering thought-provoking learning and global networking opportunities whether attendees choose to join us in-person or virtually.

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