Scrip Asks…What Does 2024 Hold for Biopharma?

01 February, 2024

ISPE President and CEO Thomas Hartman calls attention to the importance of addressing drug shortages in 2024 in part three of an article, “Scrip Asks…What Does 2024 Hold for Biopharma?” The article features expert insights on manufacturing and supply-related issues anticipated in 2024. Thomas shares the following on this topic.

Addressing drug shortages in the United States will be a big focus in 2024 – and full transparency within the pharmaceutical industry will be key to solving this issue… Both the FDA and drug manufacturers will need to focus on earlier communication and collaboration to mitigate shortages and avoid facility shutdowns. This is especially true of generic manufacturers – many of which are either shifting from generic medicines because of a lack of profitability or closing down entirely. The introduction of new technologies in digital validation and data management, such as the FDA mobile app and web portal dedicated to reporting drug shortages, will improve visibility within manufacturing and allow for early communication to the FDA regarding potential disruptions.

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