ISPE’s Women in Pharma® Expands in Asia

22 September, 2022

ISPE’s Women in Pharma community continues to grow globally with one of the group’s latest expansions taking place in the Asia Pacific region.

Women in Pharma community

Just last month, ISPE’s Malaysia Affiliate proudly launched their Women in Pharma initiative in celebration of the Affiliate’s 10th anniversary, welcoming a large group of attendees meeting face-to-face in almost two years.

“Members of the ISPE Malaysia Affiliate started crowding in as early as 8am and the excitement was felt almost instantly. It has been a long two years since we all last met each other in a physical venue, for many of which it was the first time meeting face-to-face,” recounted Mei Ping Lee. “It felt great to be able to socialize and interact in person again, just like the good old days.”

President, ISPE Malaysia Affiliate, Pn.Zarina Noordin

Opening remark by President, ISPE Malaysia Affiliate, Pn.Zarina Noordin during the launch of Women in Pharma®, ISPE Malaysia Affiliate on the 29th July 2022 at Royale Chulan Damansara.

The Women in Pharma event kicked off with remarks by Pn. Zarina Noordin, President of ISPE Mayalsia. She celebrated the Affiliate’s remarkable milestones in recent years, as well as the exciting initiatives lined up for ISPE members within the region.

Following the introduction, Lee Mei Pin and Josemoney J. James took to the stage to officially launch Women in Pharma! Mei Pin will be serving as the Affiliates Women in Pharma Chair, and J. James will be serving as the co-chair.

“They provided a brief introduction to the initiative, and the important role it will play in connecting women, and creating opportunities for collaboration, within our local community,” explain Ping Lee.

Following the Women in Pharma introduction, Vivien Santillian, Vice President of ISPE’s Philippines Affiliate and member of the Women in Pharma International Steering Committee, joined the group virtually. She provided a passionate presentation where she elaborated on the importance of the Women in Pharma initiative.

Vivien E.Santillan, member of ISPE Women in Pharma® International Steering Committee

Vivien E.Santillan, member of ISPE Women in Pharma® International Steering Committee and Vice President of ISPE Philippines Affiliate joins the launch of Women in Pharma Malaysia virtually.

“She highlighted opportunities for Affiliates and Chapters to use this as a common ground to connect and inspire within the global pharmaceutical industry,” said Ping Lee. “She concluded her presentation with questions from the audience, conveying passion when speaking on how we can make a difference through Women in Pharma.”

To wrap up the evening, Noordin, Mei Pin and J. James made their way to the stage once again to officially announce ISPE’s Malaysia’s Women in Pharma group open to the community!

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