ISPE Pharmaceutical Engineering® “Special Report: COVID-19” Honored with 2023 APEX Award

18 August, 2023

ISPE has been honored with a 2023 APEX Grand Award for Public Health Concerns for their “Special Report: COVID-19.” This included two articles, “Pandemic Progress: Industry’s Journey from 2020 to Today” and “Operation Warp Speed: A View From the Inside.” Both articles were published in the May/June 2022 issue of Pharmaceutical Engineering®. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Pharmaceutical Engineering® has received an APEX Award.

The APEX Awards commend excellence in writing, editing, and graphics across a wide range of communications in nonprofit and for-profit publishing and communications organizations. Awards of Excellence recognize exceptional entries in 100 subcategories, while Grand Awards honor outstanding work in 14 major categories.

Pandemic Progress: Industry’s Journey from 2020 to Today” explores the remarkable evolution of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the rapid development of vaccines, collaborative efforts among competitors, and advancements in understanding the virus. The article was authored by ISPE member, Wendy Haines, PhD, DABT, CQA, Director of Toxicology & Technical Services, PharmEng Technology. With over two decades of experience in research and biopharmaceutical arenas, Haines has a comprehensive background encompassing process design, analysis, validation, project/protocol management, and scientific writing.

Operation Warp Speed: A View From the Inside” provides an inside look at the work done by Operation Warp Speed, a US government initiative supporting the accelerated development and supply of vaccines and therapeutics across the United States to address the threat posed by COVID-19. The article was written by Carlo de Notaristefani, PhD, Consultant, an accomplished international operations senior executive possessing global technical, operational, and P&L experience. In May 2020, de Notaristefani assumed the role of lead advisor for Manufacturing and Supply Chain at Operation Warp Speed/Federal COVID Response.

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