ISPE Foundation Launched to Support the Pharmaceutical Industry

19 June, 2018

ISPE announced the launch of its philanthropic arm, the ISPE Foundation. This new entity will enhance ISPE’s ability to support its members and the pharmaceutical industry as they prepare to address new and evolving industry demands.

The pharmaceutical industry continues to create new and innovative medicines that improve and extend the lives of our patients. These advancements also create new demands and opportunities for our industry. By establishing the ISPE Foundation, ISPE becomes better positioned to effectively embrace those opportunities and support our members. We are excited to unveil the ISPE Foundation and look forward to engaging in supportive dialogue with our members and industry constituents.

Michael A. Arnold, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Chair, ISPE Foundation

The Foundation will seek funding to support a dynamic range of new mission-related initiatives. Initially, our initiatives will include:

  • Building the Workforce of the Future – Through the ISPE Travel Grant Program, which will attract, support, educate, and train talented young people entering the industry. Both students and young professionals will receive financial support to further their professional development and contribute to building our industry’s future workforce.
  • Empowering Women and Increasing Diversity – In addition to the ISPE Travel Grant Program, the ISPE Foundation will support ISPE’s existing Women in Pharma® program. From providing professional training and education to fostering mentorship and networking for women and ethnically diverse people, these initiatives will drive the successful career progression of under-represented groups within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Global Knowledge Exchange – Translation of ISPE’s highly regarded industry Guides is another focus of the Foundation, to make this valuable content to the growing global workforce, through the Emerging Markets Knowledge Exchange. In addition, the training of global regulators in industry best practices will be sponsored by the Global Training and Harmonization Fund.

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