ISPE Good Practice Guide: Single-Use Technology Released

09 November, 2018

ISPE announced the release of their latest Guide, ISPE Good Practice Guide: Single-Use Technology. This Guide provides a roadmap for efficient implementation of single-use technology (SUT) with minimum disruptions to existing operations.

Single Use Technology

"Single-use technology addresses the need for equipment that is faster and more flexible to implement while retaining a controlled or closed product flow path,” said John Bournas, ISPE CEO and President. "This Guide is a valuable resource centered around getting single-use technology implementation done right the first time, on schedule, and with minimal costs and few surprises.”

From this Guide, users will learn:

  • How to select single-use components and design functional systems
  • When and how to perform effective extractables and leachables studies
  • How to evaluate suppliers of SUT
  • About the interrelated tasks for implementing SUT

ISPE showcased the newly released, ISPE Good Practice Guide: Single-Use Technology at the 2018 ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo in Philadelphia on 4–7 November 2018.

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