ISPE Foundation and Nephron Pharmaceuticals Announce Selections for Diversity Internship Program

15 June, 2021

Nephron PharmaceuticalsThree interns have been selected from a pool of highly qualified applicants for the ISPE Foundation Diversity Internship Program with Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation. The ISPE Foundation established this program in December 2020 to provide world-class opportunities to groups typically underrepresented in the pharmaceutical industry.

This series with Nephron will be a 12-week experience that offers graduate and undergraduate students in their junior or senior year the opportunity to spend the summer working on priority projects for one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the country. The selected interns will play key roles in Nephron’s ongoing projects and work directly with the Nephron team. And they will make a difference for patients across America.

These interns were selected from a very competitive pool of 56 applicants representing colleges and universities from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Through working with Nephron over the summer I wish to develop my interpersonal communication skills, develop my professionalism, and further develop a thought pattern that will aid in solving real world problems.

Edgar Salinas is a junior at the University of Iowa, graduating in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

I am most excited for the opportunity to move to a new city and experience the pharmaceutical industry for the first time. I understand I have a lot to learn and am grateful for the opportunity to experience the industry prior to graduation and help shape a future career path in pharmaceutics.

Kelley Wiegman is a graduate student at the University of Kentucky, graduating in December 2021 with a PhD Chemical Engineering.

I am thrilled to be selected as one of Nephron’s interns and I am excited to join the Analytical and Formulation department this summer! The most exciting thing for me is that I have the opportunity to get some real, hands-on industrial experience, and gain insight into in-demand pharmaceutical techniques. This invaluable intern opportunity at Nephron will no doubt help me learn more about pharmaceutical best practices, develop and improve a set of highly relevant technical skills, and prepare me for my future career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Jackie Zhu is a graduate student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, graduating in May 2023 with a PhD Chemistry.

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