Empowering Futures: Carolina Serrano Martinez's Journey and the Global Impact of Mentor ISPE in Bridging Academia and Industry

10 November, 2023

Carolina Serrano Martinez discovered the transformative power of mentorship and support networks while attending Texas A&M University. Facing the challenges of adapting to a new culture and pursuing a career in biomedical engineering as an international student, she realized the importance of guidance. Her path took unexpected turns, but through dedication, she found her place in ISPE and helped launch Mentor ISPE: a virtual experience bridging the gap between academia and industry on a global scale. Now, Mentor ISPE connects students, Emerging Leaders, and mid-level and senior professionals, fostering invaluable idea exchange and cultural understanding. With over 250 applications received in the pilot year and a commitment to inclusivity, Carolina's initiative is making a significant impact. Click to read the full article and learn how she's creating opportunities for students of all backgrounds and nationalities.

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