2024 Pharma Predictions: Regulations, Sustainability and Culture

21 February, 2024

Industry experts have shared insights on 2024 predictions for the pharmaceutical industry with Pharma Manufacturing. In part two of this series, ISPE President and CEO Thomas Hartman highlights that accountability and authenticity will be key.

Sustainable operations, drug shortage mitigation strategies, and AI integration will face substantial changes/will continue to be under the microscope in 2024. In the midst of a climate emergency, our industry will continue to be under the microscope. Last year, one of COP27’s core themes was around the need to move from negotiations through actual implementation. This year, COP28 will focus on actionism. Accountability and authenticity will be key to seeing real progress, and part of that accountability will arise from employee-led sustainability initiatives and inter-industry collaboration. We’ll also see an attempt to mitigate drug shortages via improved communication through new technology. The FDA’s mobile app and web portal dedicated to reporting drug shortages allow for early communication with the FDA regarding potential manufacturing disruptions. Finally, there will be a rise in AI consultants assisting biopharma as companies seek guidance on integration, regulation, and more.

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