2014 Category Winner for Facility Integration

penn pharm

Penn Pharmaceutical Services Ltd. was the winner of the ISPE Facility of the Year Award for Facility Integration.  This award recognizes superior design and conceptual planning that lead to excellent facility and process integration.   Penn Pharma Contained Manufacturing Vision and investment delivered a truly state-of-the-art facility in less than a year making Penn Pharma your ultimate strategic solution provider for your potent compound solid dose needs.

  • World class purpose built facility
  • Design for manufacture delivering speed to market
  • Development (1kg) to commercial scale (120kg)
  • Leading edge technology and manufacturing processes
  • Contained processing minimizing the need for PPE
  • Safely process APIs with a minimum OEL of 0.01ug/m3

“To take a space and turn it into a facility capable of producing potent, coated tablets in less than 12 months is a phenomenal achievement in this industry sector. The most outstanding aspect of this project that deserves recognition, is the commitment of the core project team from Penn.” Mark Dean-Netscher,COO Contained manufacturing with a difference: