FOYA Category Pharma 4.0™

Winners in this category embody the Pharma 4.0™ concept. This includes not only implementing one or more technological innovations, but also demonstrating the ability to change their culture, processes and people orienting them towards a 4.0 future. Significant contributions include application of one or more applied science-based solutions or digital innovations like automation, robotics, digital twin, or advanced processing understanding; substantial improvement to operational practices; or technologies widely & strategically implemented across the organization.

  • Digital Maturity
  • Data Integrity by Design
  • Advancing: Quality, Organization & Processes, Culture, Information Systems, OR Resources
  • Impact and Maturity Model
  • Process Intelligence
Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG Location: Singen, Germany Project: TaSiVa Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG is a global, patient-centric, and science-driven biopharmaceutical company with headquarters in...