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  • What makes for a great presentation?

    You are encouraged to design your presentation to be as interactive as possible including the following delivery methods: Consider:

    • Case studies
    • Workshops
    • Interactive discussions on topics
    • Invite questions from registrants before they arrive on site (Program Development team will invite questions and prior to event).
    • Be prepared for Questions and Answers during your session as indicated per event.
    • Integrate Audience Polling into your presentations. Contact the Program Development staff to learn more. 
  • How do I submit a presentation for a conference?

    You can submit your presentation through the conference “Call for Proposals” portal on the ISPE Website Home Page.

  • What are the benefits of speaking at an ISPE Conference?
    • Speakers giving a full presentation during any given session, receive complimentary conference registration for the entire program at topic-focused conferences.
    • Annual Meeting speakers giving a full presentation receive complimentary registration for the day on which they speak and are eligible for a special speaker rate on the full conference registration.
    • Session Leaders who are not speaking are eligible for a 20% discount on education registration.
    • Co-Session Leaders, Co-Presenters, and Panel only (no presentation) participants are eligible for a 20% discounted rate for single-day or full conference registration.
  • What are my rights to my presentation as a presenter?
    • Can I still use this presentation in another conference or meeting?
      • Yes
    • Do I need ISPE's permission to reuse my presentation?
      • No
    • Will ISPE ask me before reusing my presentation
      • The presentation will be maintained, but ISPE will not repurpose it into another format such as a recorded webinar, knowledge brief, or training content without obtaining your permission
      • How might my presentation be repurposed?
        • Recorded or live webinar
        • Knowledge Brief
        • Article for Pharmaceutical Engineering
        • Content for an ISPE Training Course
  • What should my professional Bio include?
    • Short bios are brief introductions for the purpose of allowing the potential registrant to understand the education and professional background of presenters.
    • Recommended length for a professional bio should be between 150 -200 words
    • It will appear as a link of your name as listed on the ISPE website
    • Here is a sample
  • In what format should I submit my photo?
    • Please send a "headshot" photo.
    • Please submit an original photo (not a copy from LinkedIn or other site) in .jpg format.
    • 300 dpi is the preferred size. Most cell phones and digital cameras will produce a photo with the appropriate resolution. 
  • Do I need to register for the session and event in which I am speaking? for Annual Meetings

    For all other conferences, speakers will be registered by ISPE staff.

  • Whom do I contact for questions about my presentation format and/or content?
  • How do we request a Regulatory Speaker?

    Regulatory speakers, whether you know the name of the person you wish to be invited, or whether you just have a topic on which you will request a regulator to speak, need to be communicated to your conference Program Manager very early in your planning process! You will find a form on the speaker portal to use in submitting your request.

    ISPE works regularly with global regulators and has professional regulatory advisors who are the interface between ISPE (representing it industry members) and regulatory bodies. Once specific requests for speakers are made to the Director of Continuing Education, they are then discussed with the appropriate advisor(s) and through a well-established process, invitations made.

    At no time should any volunteer ISPE planning committee or presenter directly contact any regulator to invite them to participate as a speaker in an ISPE conference.

    However, once a formal invitation has been made - and accepted - ISPE Headquarters will notify program committees and presenters and provide direct contact information so that the regulator may fully participate with the presenting group.

  • I have a new idea, or a new presentation I would like to suggest.

    You can submit your presentation through the conference “Call for Proposals” portal on the ISPE Website Home Page.