Virtual Plant Tours

The virtual plant tours are included with registration for the 2020 ISPE Europe Annual Conference.

ABEC Ireland & USA Facilities Tour

18 September

1300 – 1400
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A facilities tour of ABEC, a leading biopharma equipment manufacturer; known in the industry for the largest global manufacturing capacity and producer of the largest single-use bioreactors and fermenters.

ABEC has been an innovative engineering and equipment supplier to the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry for over 45 years, from developing the first production cell culture bioreactors in the 1980’s and the first large scale bioreactors in the 1990’s, to currently providing the industry’s largest single use bioreactors and fermenters.  ABEC is now the only custom equipment supplier able to deliver turn-key system solutions in either single-use or stainless-steel formats.

ABEC’s world headquarters, located in Bethlehem, PA, USA consists of 3,250m2 manufacturing and processing space and ABEC’s Fermoy, Ireland, consists of 6,978m2 manufacturing and processing space. Both locations each have an ISO-7 cleanroom for manufacturing of ABEC’s CSR® single-use disposable containers (DC’s). The ABEC facility tour will take you through both facilities showcasing the equipment manufacturing areas, the CSR® single use process areas, and the DC manufacturing areas.  Attendees will see:

  • Demonstrations of a CSR single-use bioreactor (4,000L) and fermenter (1,000L)
  • Microbial/Mammalian cell processing capabilities
  • Disposable Container manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Stainless Steel equipment manufacturing

Along the way, ABEC will present case studies of large-scale single-use performance.


Vetter Pharma

18 September

1300 – 1400
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Vetter Pharma Fertigung is a leading CDMO in the field of sterile injectables: vials, syringes, cartridges and special systems like double chamber syringes Vetter LyoJect TM.

With over 200 million units filled annually, Vetter is supporting pharma companies around rhe globe, from the big 20 to small biotech startups. Biologics are a big part of theportfolio, but in recent years, a lot of live-saving orphan drugs have been launched, including new substance classes like DNA based gene-therapies.

We will take you on a virtual plant tour through three areas:

  • First, we will visit cleanroom RVS5, which is a unit for liquid vials designed in the latest Vetter Cleanroom Technology, VCR-T with automated H2O2 decontamination of the full room.
  • Then we will go to a secondary packaging line for pen injectors including serialisation and case packing.
  • Finally, we take a look at what Vetter Development Service can offer in terms of process development: downscale and at scale development of compounding, filtration and filling processes There will also be a glance at the lyophilizers used for development and the assocated analytical testing.

Join us for this interactive virtual tour!