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  • Real World Practice:  Courses present exercises that use current problems and situations common to the industry.
  • Experienced Instructors:  Subject matter experts and top leaders in the pharmaceutical industry who have years of experience in their field of study.
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Cleaning Validation Principles
4 - 5 Mar 2020

This course covers the risk-based approach to cleaning development and verification; risk analysis; procedures and evaluation tools including  FMEA / FMECA, master planning, risk control, PAT, periodic assessment and monitoring, risk review and communication. Additional content includes elements of a cleaning validation program from start to finish, exploring such concepts as the determination of residues to be targeted, selection of analytical and sampling methods, determination of appropriate limits in various pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes and the establishment of scientific rationales acceptable to regulatory inspectors. For mature cleaning validation programs, concepts such as understanding process control, capability, learning to effectively self-audit a cleaning validation program and documentation will be essential takeaways.

Rebecca A. Brewer
VP Strategic Practices
Quality Executive Partners Inc

Rebecca Brewer has more than 29 years of experience in validation and compliance within the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries. As a consultant, Becky has had the opportunity to audit, develop and provide training in validation and compliance programs for a large variety of companies and products. 

Pharma Water Generation USP WFI & Purified Water
4 - 5 Mar 2020

This classroom course will explore the essential concepts and principles of specification, design, commissioning/qualification of equipment and systems used to store and distribute water in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The course has been substantially updated to feature the guiding principles of the ISPE Baseline® Guide: Water and Steam Systems (Second Edition) with particular emphasis placed upon the new chapters for microbial control, laboratory water and rouging. The course material will cover methods for determining the appropriate distribution and storage strategy, including sanitization method, for various operating circumstances including an overview of optional distribution approaches and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Microbial control characteristics of the various distribution systems will be presented and compared. Point-of-use service and sample point design, materials of construction for distribution and storage systems, and instrument components will also be covered.

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Andrew W. Collentro

Andrew Collentro is Technical Director for Water Consulting Specialists, an engineering and consulting firm serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has more than 15 years of experience in the design, commissioning, and qualification of pharmaceutical water purification systems; specializing in process design and regulatory compliance of USP Purified Water and WFI Systems. 

Process Validation, Biotechnology Manufacturing
4 - 5 Mar 2020

This classroom course is designed to provide a clear understanding of the regulatory, scientific, and engineering tools required to successfully develop and validate bioprocesses. In addition, the course identifies the long list of activities required to validate biopharmaceutical processes. Topics include a comprehensive strategy to process validation; a review of important biotechnology manufacturing processes, and the regulatory requirements for their validation. In addition to classroom lectures, participants will take part in several interactive exercises, solve group problems, and participate in class discussions to understand the underlying principles behind Process Validation. This is an advanced course. Participants should have a basic understanding of commissioning, qualification and validation and basic familiarity with biotechnology manufacturing processes and unit operations.

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Jefferey Jones
Executive Director CMC Regulatory Affairs

Jefferey Jones, Executive Director of Quality at Humacyte, Inc., has over 20 years of experience with development-stage and commercial biopharmaceutical process technology transfer. In his current role, Jefferey oversees Quality aspects of facility, process, and instrumentation design and scale up for a novel biologic process manufacturing bioengineered blood vessels.

Aseptic Processing & Annex 1
4 - 5 Mar 2020

Driven by biopharmaceuticals but also prominent in small molecules drug manufacturing as well as for APIs, aseptic processing will undergo a technology jump start driven by the new EC GMP Guide Annex 1. Globally supplying companies, which deliver drugs to Europe, must comply with this new regulatory requirement. There is an impact for all stakeholders of manufacturing, across hierarchy levels and various functions at manufacturers. Also, suppliers have to consider Annex 1 when supplying new equipment or installing new production facilities. This 2-day course will focus on aseptic processing and quality management around the most important pharmaceutical technology.

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Jörg Zimmermann
Vice President, Vetter Development Service, External Affairs
Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co.

Jörg Zimmermann is currently Vice President of Vetter Development Services for Vetter Pharma Fertigung GmbH&Co KG, Ravensburg, Germany. In this role, he is responsible for manufacturing science & process development, technology & process transfers, project & service analytics and drug delivery systems. Within Vetter, Jörg has held various positions in process implementation, new product introduction, lyophilisation process development and as production manager before becoming Director of Production of Vetter's production site at Lake Constance in 2000.