Founding Members

ISPE Recognizes its Founding Members

44 years ago, a small group of innovative pharmaceutical engineers recognized the need for better manufacturing facility development guidelines and created ISPE. They recruited additional people to launch the organization; some are retired, some, sadly, are no longer with us, and some remain active ISPE Members. You’ve learned about several in Member Spotlights on iSpeak. We recognize and thank each of them for their forethought and inspirational ideas that led to ISPE’s establishment and to what it has become. Our deepest gratitude goes to ISPE’s Founding Members.

Thank You to Our Founding Members

Your contributions have made the difference!

  • James Agalloco
  • David Artiss
  • Robert Baskin
  • Andrew Borger
  • Donald Cattaneo
  • Roman Charko
  • Dennis Christensen
  • Robert Clayton
  • David Coventry
  • Randall Day
  • Victor DiChiara
  • Jan Gustafsson
  • John Henry
  • Raymond Kaszuba
  • John Kearns
  • Renaat Kinget
  • Peter Merrett
  • James O’Brien
  • Richard Overton
  • Gunter Pawlowski
  • Brant Sayre
  • Frederic Schadewald
  • Chandru Shahani
  • Richard Smith
  • Melvyn Sotnick
  • Walter Stadnisky
  • Hector Totti
  • William Trilsch
  • Kenneth Vice
  • J. Wallbridge