Unpromotable Work: Why Are We Still Doing This?

Power and Led By Women in Pharma®

Learning Level: Basic
Time: 1700 – 1800 CEST | 1100-1200 EDT
Session Length: 1 hour

Women tend to take on responsibilities that add to their plate but very rarely lead to a promotion, raise or basic recognition. What are these tasks? Why are women conditioned to take these on? Why do we expect women to take them on? What we can do to influence this?

Have you ever volunteered or been recruited to help onboard the new employee, take notes during a meeting, clean up the slide deck, do office housework, organize holiday parties, mentor graduate students, act as an advisor on committees, and/or review work in academic journals?

These are some examples of NPT and NPW. No, not the latest crypto currency but rather Non-Promotable Tasks and Non-Promotable Work.

These tasks matter: however, they are not central to your organization’s mission and goals. They can be done by many people and are not visible to others and are performed behind the scenes. These tasks are often completed by female team members and do not help to advance their careers. These NPT and NPWs are neither tracked nor recognized at performance review time: and thus, they are not included during the evaluation. Research from the “Harvard Business Review” found that women were 48% more likely to volunteer for a NPT than men in mixed-gender groups.

Join us as for a lively panel discussion as we examine what is NPW and what are NPTs, identify what assignments are non-promotable, the consequences of taking them on and the “implicit no” of saying “yes”. We will also explore the reasons why one takes on these additional assignments, evaluation and intentionality regarding IPT (Indirectly Promotable Work). We will conclude our program with real life actionable tactics including how to be a member of the No Club-saying “no” in a productive manner.

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Caren Jenkins
Business Development Coordinator


Yolanda McLean
Senior Director, Quality Control
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Gayle Flynn
Engagement Delivery Partner
Cognizant (Zenith Technologies)
Janet L. Williams
Clinical Supply Chain Lead
Thermo Fisher
Nina Siragusa
Chief of Staff To Laura Matz, CSTO
Merck KGaA