Defining and Achieving Operational Readiness 

Learning Level: Intermediate

Preparing for full GMP operations requires effective development and deployment of production equipment, procedures, and processes. However, as many experienced leaders can attest, full operational readiness of a train or facility is much more complicated, requiring strong alignment and continuous engagement and coordination of nearly every department within the business.

Told through two recent site experiences, this session will provide insights to help you develop your definition of operational readiness and assemble your readiness plan that identifies the coordinated workstreams of action to achieve readiness.

Learning Objectives

What are the top three learning objectives the participants will have at the end of the webinar?

Learn from two recent site experiences to help you…

  1. Define operational readiness in specific, quantifiable terms
  2. Identify the lines of effort to achieve operational readiness
  3. Structure an action plan to progress toward readiness
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Harry Benson
Global Director, Human Performance
Jay S. Stout, Ph.D
Senior Vice President
Lindsey E. Daniel, PE
Process Engineering Manager
Takeda Pharmaceutical