The Art of Facilitation & Stakeholder Management Webinar

Learning Level: Intermediate
Time: 1100 – 1200 ET
Session Length: 1 hour

Sponsored by the Women in Pharma at ISPE

Facilitation and stakeholder management are key in everything we do, from a short update meeting to a project meeting or execution of a complex risk assessment. The key facilitation and stakeholder management principles are applicable in all these scenarios. We will look at these key skills and how we hone them to be inclusive for all parties to ensure all are integrated into the discussion. We will look at how you can eliminate bias and subjectivity, and we will present a risk management case study as a best practice example. Good Facilitation and stakeholder management will not only ensure every bodies voice is heard but that there can be consistency in approach and faster and better output. We will have a panel discussion and share the tips and tricks our experts have learned during their careers.

Learning Objective

  1. Understand the key principles of facilitation and stakeholder management to reduce bias and subjectivity
  2. Review of the processes and tools that aid good facilitation.
  3. Review of a case study using a complex risk assessment
  4. Learn how to apply different facilitation processes in different meeting situations.



Giovanna V. Cantoni, PhD
CQV & GMP Compliance Advisor
PQE Group
Christine M. V. Moore, PhD
Executive Director, Quality Systems & Compliance
Organon LLC
Alice Redmond, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer
Dominique Thierry
Principal Consultant

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