Dominique Thierry

Principal Consultant
Principal Consultant, CAI Switzerland.
30 years' international experience in Quality Management Systems, TQM, Quality Assurance and Compliance, Regulatory Affairs, in growing roles, from quality specialist to global quality and compliance director, and as senior consultant.
Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biologics, Chemicals, Cosmetics.
Complex project management, team management/team building, quality and management audit, quality system design, development, and management, training design, development and delivery, compliance readiness, audit management, suppliers & customers quality management, quality metrics design & development.
GMP-GDP Auditor, ISO 9001 Auditor, ISO 13485 Auditor. EFQM Assessor.
Pharm. Doctorate (Louis Pasteur University, FR) - Executive MBA (Geneva University, CH) - Master of Applied Statistics (IPI, Montpellier University, FR)