ISPE Expert Xchange: Enabling Pharma 4.0™ through Plug & Produce

ISPE Expert Xchange is a new interactive, collaborative experience that unites forward-thinking pharma professionals with engaged subject matter experts for immersive, topic-focused events.

Benefit from years of unparalleled knowledge as leading authorities in their field give you a seat at the table and take you and your peers through:

  • Small Group Discussions
  • Technical Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • Problem-solving

During the 10 June 2021 ISPE Expert Xchange: Enabling Pharma 4.0™ through Plug & Produce on 10 June 2021, we will examine opportunities and gaps for the digital transformation of bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing, including regulatory compliance aspects.

Our panel of leading experts will take you through immersive, collaborative discussions and share first-hand strategic insights and actionable, tangible takeaways on:

  • What business outcomes Pharma 4.0™ enables
  • What architectural and design principles are behind Pharma 4.0™
  • How to approach Pharma 4.0™ Plug and Produce integrations based on practical PoC implementations
  • Conclusions from the workstreams of the ISPE Pharma 4.0™ Plug and Produce workgroup

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