2017 Facility of the Year Awards Category Winners

ISPE’s Facility of the Year Awards program recognizes the shared commitment and dedication of companies worldwide, to enhance patient health and safety through innovation and advancement.

“The FOYA Award is important [to the] industry as a whole because it provides a platform to share knowledge and experience,” said Ryan Hawkins, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Cook Pharmica, LLC, 2017 FOYA Category Winner for Equipment Innovation.

“If you think about it, where else can you get that type of snapshot of major projects, of major technological advances in [the] industry, [and it] also says a lot about the importance of the FOYA awards,” said Hawkins.

Christopher Sweeney, Senior General Manager, Pt Kalbio Global Medika, 2017 FOYA Honorable Mention shared, “The reason why we joined the FOYA awards was that we’re very proud of our facility and we wanted to show the industry that in Indonesia, we can build the equivalent, or even better of some of the facilities in the West.”

The FOYA category winners represent the epitome of companies who utilize pioneering technology and design to help set the standard for future pharmaceutical facilities.

“We really felt that [it] was a vindication of our design and our hard work, and it gave confidence to the parent company to expand our operations,” said Sweeney.

“Being a winner of the FOYA award, and being worthy of that distinction, means a lot,” said Hawkins. “What it means, is we’re becoming operational, and with the purpose of serving more customers and therefore more patients.”

The 2017 FOYA Facility of the Future and Overall Winner was awarded to Eli Lilly and Company. “[We] appreciate ISPE for leading the industry towards where we want to go,” said David Sternasty, Vice President of Corporate Engineering and Global Health, Safety and Environment.

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