FOYA Category Social Impact

Winners in this category exemplify application of novel approaches, standards and practices which result in efficient processing, resourceful utilities and business advantage by:

  • Accelerating a shift to sustainable facility design, intended to ensure the effective use of energy, minimize waste, reduce carbon footprint, incorporate green manufacturing techniques, and reduce environmental impact.
  • Increasing patient access & preventing drug shortages through in-country-for country manufacturing; outbreak, epidemic, or emerging health crisis response via rapid deployment & fast- track drug production; and designs which overcome specific geographical challenges.
  • Sustainability Excellence
  • Unmet Medical Needs
  • Service to the Patient with Alliances and Collaborations
Government Pharmaceutical Organization Location: Saraburi Province, Thailand Project: Thailand Self Sufficient for Pandemic Vaccines; Influenza and COVID-19 Each year, the ISPE FOYA competition recognizes a facility for...
Learn about the two companies winning the Social Impact category for the 2020 Facility of the Year Awards: GlaxoSmithKline United Therapeutics GlaxoSmithKline Location: Parma, Italy Project: Attachment Inhibitor (AI)...
Celgene International II Location: Couvet, Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland Project: The Green Fairy Project (La Fée Verte) The Facility of the Year Award (FOYA) in Sustainability is awarded to the Celgene Corporation...
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Co, a Pfizer Company Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China Project: Project Diamond - 2nd Pfizer Consumer Health Plant in Suzhou China The Pfizer Consumer Health manufacturing facility in Suzhou...
Ethicon, LLC Location: San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico, USA Project: San Lorenzo Conservation Strategy The Ethicon, LLC (a subsidiary of JNJ) facility in San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico stands out in the sustainability category. This...