Japan Affiliate: Pest Control Manual (English Translation)


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Published: August 2018
Pages: 180

The ISPE Japan Affiliate Pest Control Manual expands on the concepts and policies set forth in the previous ISPE Japan Affiliate Handbook on Pest Control (English Translation, version 4) and offers advice for new and aging GMP facilities. It proposes plans for incorporating pest control best practices into the project schedule for new construction, including advice on integrating pest control requirements during all phases of construction, training construction staff, and determining areas to inspect both during and at the end of construction.

With numerous examples of issues often found in older facilities, the Manual describes monitoring and inspection techniques, providing practical approaches for mitigation and remediation. In addition, it contains an extensive pictorial library of pests, including their ecology and environmental indicators, which will assist pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in their pest control monitoring program.

This Manual was edited by the ISPE Japan Affiliate Factory Auxiliary Issues Subcommittee in the Manufacturing Management Community of Practice (CoP) and reviewed by the ISPE Guidance Document Committee.

Target building and facility areas covered in this Manual include:

  • Areas where raw materials and products are received, dispatched from, and stored
  • Areas where raw materials and products are inspected, weighed, processed, and packaged
  • Areas where specimens are stored and tested
  • Areas where personnel change clothes and take breaks
  • Outdoor areas adjacent to buildings where pharmaceuticals are handled
  • Machine rooms, water supply facilities, cafeterias, and other areas where waste is stored