Handbook: Sustainability


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Published: December 2015
Pages: 200

The ISPE Sustainability Handbook is written to provide information at the front end of projects that will be useful to the project team in understanding sustainability criteria, with examples where considered useful. It is based on the premise that there is a viable path to achieving sustainability that corresponds to all of the precepts of the life sciences industry. This is an especially important ethical consideration for the healthcare industry, which has a focus centered on maintaining or improving the health of the patient.

Key objectives of this handbook are to:

  • Provide a reference point for sustainability in the life sciences industry for project teams.
  • Provide a global pharmaceutical sustainability baseline for the life sciences industry through promotion of the reduction of consumption of finite resources and consideration of the effects of environmental shifts.
  • Respect the industry’s advanced engineering traditions by providing an informative and easy-to-use document.
  • Directions of research for project teams are given in each of the engineering areas from product development through to facility development.
  • Provide a route map to understanding the legislative conditions worldwide that either exist at the time of writing or are understood to be in progress.