Susan E. Burke, PhD

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Amgen, Inc.
Director in Process Development
Susan E. Burke, PhD, is a Director in process development at Amgen, Inc. She leads a team in attribute sciences responsible for providing technical expertise for the materials and technologies used to manufacture Amgen’s pipeline and portfolio of biologic and small molecule therapies. She oversees technical risk management, attribute data analytics, and the development of control strategy elements. Before joining Amgen, Susan led a team in Bioprocess R&D at GE Healthcare dedicated to the development of biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies. Prior to that, Susan held leadership positions at both Allergan and Bausch & Lomb, where she oversaw formulations and process development teams. She has worked on the development of 12 commercialized products. Susan is the author of 28 scientific publications and is an inventor on 32 intellectual property filings. She has a BSc in chemistry from St Francis Xavier University and PhD in chemistry from McGill University.