Søren Thuesen Pedersen

Novo Nordisk
Senior Director, External Affairs, Regulatory Policy and Intelligence
Søren Thuesen Pedersen is Senior Director, Regulatory Policy and Intelligence at Novo Nordisk. He is a Chemical Engineer by education and has been working 30 years in Novo Nordisk. During that that time he has been engaged and lead different areas within Manufacturing, QC-Laboratory and CMC Manufacturing Development. He has been one of the founding fathers of the Novo Nordisk External Requirements’ Process; How does Novo Nordisk ensure compliance of new external requirements? Mr. Pedersen is responsible for the External Representation of Novo Nordisk out of the GMP area and represents Novo Nordisk in ISPE, EFPIA, IFPMA and BIO. He has furthermore been member of the Novo Nordisk Board of Directors for 12 years as elected employee representative. Mr. Pedersen is a member of the ISPE Regulatory Quality Harmonization Committee (RQHC)’s EMEA Regional Focus Group and is a past co-chair of the RQHC Global. His spare time interests include Danish and EU Politics.