Gregory Connelly, PhD

Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Senior Director - Continuous Manufacturing
Gregory Connelly, PhD, is a Director of Continuous Manufacturing at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in Boston, where he has been a key driver of the Vertex CM program since its inception. He has guided the development of several Vertex products that are filed and approved as fully continuous processes. His team works to increase fundamental understanding of the various unit operations that comprise Vertex’s CM platform, and they manage all design and qualification of system process equipment and control software. Greg holds a BS in physics and mathematics from Loyola University and a PhD in bio-physics from the University of Pennsylvania. Greg is a member of the Working Groups for Continuous Manufacturing in both ISPE and the IQ Consortium, and he is the Vice Chair of the Drug Product Leadership Group within IQ. Greg’s 20-year career in the pharmaceutical industry has spanned from early-stage research to commercial product development. He has been an ISPE member since 2020.