Anders Vidstrup

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Senior IT Quality SME
Anders Vidstrup is Senior IT Quality Subject Matter Expert at NNIT, with a background as mechanical engineer and have also a Diploma in Business Administration.

He works with quality aspects of Computer Related Systems. He has been involved in requirement definition, design re-views, construction, quality assurance, commissioning and qualification activities. Over the last 13 years he has been involved in qualification of PCS systems in a large plants for drug-productions. He works with principles for qualification of cloud solutions and infrastructure and had in the time 2004-2009 the overall QA responsibility for the infrastructure in Novo Nordisk A/S include handling of security patches and qualify infrastructure components. Today he develops the Quality Management System in NNIT, and work as Quality Responsible on deliverables to both costumers in food and drugs industry as well as financial customers.

In GAMP he is a part of the SIG group “Testing of GxP Critical Systems” and the group re-vising the Infrastructure SIG. For the new GAMP5 he gave a lot of input, e.g. the test appendix. Over years, he have been speaker at conferences under GAMP and other organizations.