What the UK Affiliate Members are doing to support the COVID-19 Outbreak

05 April, 2020

Over the last few weeks it has become apparent to the UK committee that our affiliate members have been busy looking at ways they could support the COVID-19 effort.

Here are a few items that may be of interest:

3P Innovation - making visors on a not-for-profit basis 

For expediency 3P are focused on producing as many of an open source design as possible. This visor has been verified by the Czech health authorities. In parallel they are using engineering expertise to design and create a supply chain, capable of reaching circa 15,000 per day per line as soon as possible.
Senior NHS contacts have been very supportive of the initiative and 3P are working closely with them to ensure NHS approvals are given.

Along with support for the 3D Printing, 3P are asking for help to donate the following products and services:

  • A3 Acetate or PET sheets
  • IPA (70%+) and surgical spirit
  • Any PPE (gloves / masks and Tyveks)
  • Transportation for collection and distribution of
  • Products
  • Button Elastic Supply (15-25mm)
  • Velcro (18-25mm)
  • Shares and likes to spread the message on Social
  • Media 

If you can offer some help please contact https://bit.ly/NHSvisors3P

Medical Professional and Health Care Worker Barrier

An engineered flexible film, barrier containment and control device, designed to protect an at-risk healthcare worker from a potentially contagious patient, for example in a GP Surgery or Health Centre.  However, the layout of the barrier is highly flexible and could be adapted to very many different working environments.

As an engineered barrier control device, it is likely to provide a highly effective degree of protection versus personal protective equipment (PPE) and in particular, respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

For more information, contact Justin Mason-Home

Placeholder Person Graphic
Justin Mason-Home, FRSC
HPAPI Project Services Limited

If you have relevant capabilities that you would like to be shared, please visit ISPE UK's COVID response page and add your details.