COVID-19 Resource database

As part of the UK Affiliate support in the fight against COVID-19 we have established a project to compile a database of skills and resources that can be searched by those needing Pharmaceutical knowledge, services, equipment and consumables in their response to COVID-19

Project Brief ISPE UK Covid Response GDPR.pdf

If you have relevant capabilities that you would like to be shared, please complete the form using the following link:

CLICK HERE to complete the resource survey

Technical details will be made publicly available but contact details will only be provided on request.

The initial entries can now be checked by clicking the following link to a read only google docs file:

CLICK HERE to see the database of resources

This is a live document and will continue to be updated as new entries are made.

If you would like to be put in contact with a service provider on the database, please use the following link

CLICK HERE to submit an information request form.

If you have a specific request or have a revice not detailed in the forms, please email: 

As a community we can support the critical activities required to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and we would like to thank you for playing your part.