Meet the 2014 International Poster Competition Participants

October 11, 2014

The ISPE Student Poster Competition is an annual competition held by local ISPE Affiliates and Chapters each July. The poster presentation consists of a visual display of research findings combined with an interactive question and answer period with a panel of judges. Local winners advance to the International Student Poster Competition at the ISPE Annual Meeting. This year 11 Student Members will be competing in the International Poster Competition during the Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  On Monday, 13 October 2014 from 13.30 – 17.00, the Students will present their research to a panel of judges and answer any question.  The winners (1 undergraduate and 1 graduate) of the poster competition will be announced at the Membership Luncheon on Tuesday. The posters will be on display at the East Promenade Foyer (Pool Level). Feel free to stop by and view the posters and ask the Students questions. Here are profiles of some of the participants in Monday’s competition: Meet Aparna Saigal, the Singapore Affiliate’s Undergraduate Poster Competition winner! SaigalAparna is a year four at the National University of Singapore majoring in Pharmaceutical Science.  She has been involved with her ISPE Student Chapter for the past six months.  This is her first time attending Annual Meeting and she is most excited about meeting Young Professionals and other industry leaders.  Aparna’s poster is about developing controlled release inhalation microspheres for treatment of pulmonary hypertension. The aim of her project is to provide patients with a more convenient dosing regimen for treatment providing them with a better life. In the future, Aparna plans to carry forward with her goal of making patients’ lives better by being a part of pharmaceutical companies with a patient centric goal.   Meet Robert McGrane, the Delaware Valley Chapter’s Undergraduate Poster Competition winner! McGraneRobert is a first-year master’s student in a mechanical and aerospace engineering program at George Washington University.  He completed his bachelor’s degree at Villanova University earlier this year, with an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. Jack has been involved with ISPE since shortly before his senior year and served as one of the co-presidents of the Villanova University Student Chapter his senior year. This is Rob’s first time attending Annual Meeting and he is “very excited and can’t wait to go!” because it will be the first conference he’s attended and his first time in Las Vegas.  He is also very eager to learn more about the future of pharmaceutical innovation from the brightest in the industry. Rob’s poster is about the use of biocompatible and biodegradable chitosan thin-films for internal post-surgical drug release. “This was one of the options available for my senior design course, and since I really enjoy learning about novel medical devices and drug delivery, it was a great fit.” In the future Rob wants to be a researcher in cartilage regeneration and develop novel products to replace damaged cartilage. Meet Nick Coakley, the New Jersey Chapter’s Undergraduate Poster Competition winner! Coakley Nick is a senior at Rutgers University majoring in Biochemical Engineering. He has been involved with the ISPE Student Chapter at Rutgers for the past three years and is currently the Chapter President and previously held the roles of Vice President and Web Master. This is Nick’s first time attending Annual Meeting and he is most excited for the opportunity to meet and hear from young professionals who are a few years ahead of him in their careers. Nick’s poster is about the fabrication of antiatherosclerotic nanoparticles. He chose this topic after surveying the research of all the professors in the Chemical Engineering Department and he found this to be the most exciting on a human scale. Moreover, it deviates from what he has learned in class so it offers a lot of opportunity for him to learn. In the future, Nick hopes to work in a technical role in the industry. “I want to be the one that everyone in the department looks to for help.” Meet Jack Morel, the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter’s Graduate Poster Competition Presenter! MorelJack is a fifth year student at the University of California, Davis majoring in Biochemical Engineering with a minor in Plant Biology. He has been involved with ISPE since 2013  and is currently the Vice President of the Student Chapter at University of California, Davis. This is Jack’s first time attending Annual Meeting and he is very excited and  looking forward to gaining exposure to industry professionals and learning from industry veterans on  where he wants to take his career after graduation. “With such a vast amount of experienced professionals attending, I hope to gain a better understanding of how my current interests translate into a meaningful path in life. I am also very excited to learn about all the things I never knew existed - be it through posters, talking with vendors or otherwise!” Jack is presenting the poster on behalf of a fellow researcher (Ingrid Leth) who is unable to attend Annual Meeting since she will be having her first child soon. The poster deals with scaling up the technology that is used in part to express proteins in a plant platform as opposed to the more common bacterial and mammalian platforms. In the future, Jack would like to enter the Pharma industry in a rotational program or as a process engineer / manufacturing technician with a focus on upstream processes Meet Francesca Lynn, the Carolina-South Atlantic Chapter’s Undergraduate Poster Competition winner! LynnFrancesca is a senior at North Carolina University where she is majoring in Chemical Engineering.  She has been involved with her ISPE Student Chapter for about a year and a half and is the current NCU ISPE Student Chapter President and served as the Student Chapter’s Service Director in Spring 2014.  This is her first time attending Annual Meeting and she is most excited to meet ISPE members from around the world. Francesca’s poster is about the purification of scFV from E. coli.  She chose this topic for her poster as it’s also the topic of her undergraduate research. In the future, Francesca would like to find a job as an engineer in pharmaceuticals and ultimately move into management.     Read all of our Student Poster Competitor’s abstracts, here ( and don’t forget to check out all of our Student Posters at Annual Meeting!