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Guidance Documents

  • GAMP 5 Guide 2nd Edition

    GAMP 5 Guide 2nd Edition

    Maintaining the principles and framework of the First Edition, GAMP® 5 (Second Edition) is newly revised and expanded to address the increased importance of service providers, evolving approaches to software development, and the more widespread use of software tools and automation. It highlights the use of Critical Thinking by knowledgeable and experienced SMEs to define appropriate approaches.
  • Good Practice Guide: Membrane-Based WFI Systems

    Good Practice Guide: Membrane-Based WFI Systems

    The ISPE Good Practice Guide: Membrane-Based Water for Injection Systems provides expert guidance on the design, operation, maintenance, and quality aspects of membrane-based WFI systems, including generation, storage, and distribution. This Guide reflects an industry wide collaborative effort by a diverse range of industry experts that include equipment providers, engineering firms, consultants, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The information presented in this guide is the combination of proven technological solutions, microbial control methods, process analytical technology, and operations and maintenance practices.
  • Good Practice Guide: Continuous Manufacturing of Oral Solid Dosage Forms

    Good Practice Guide: Continuous Manufacturing of Oral Solid Dosage Forms

    This Guide reviews the unit operations typically employed in continuous manufacturing and aims to establish a set of minimum equipment requirements for each system to function as part of an integrated process train. While most of the units are well-understood and used in batch manufacturing, the Guide considers the changes in physical and automation requirements that will allow each unit to work in concert as part of a successful continuous manufacturing platform. Operations unique to CM, loss-in-weight feeding and continuous blending, are discussed, including how these systems affect upstream and downstream operations.
  • APQ Guide: Change Management (CM) System

    APQ Guide: Change Management (CM) System

    The change management system is a fundamental element of the PQS described in ICH Q10. Effective change management enables quality improvement and ensures a continued state of control. The ISPE APQ Guide: Change Management System provides a quality management framework for assessing and advancing change management systems.
ISPE held an Expert Xchange on 18 January 2022 entitled “Risk-Based Decision Making: Advancing the Integration of Quality Risk Management (QRM) and Knowledge Management (KM).” The session included presentations and interactive exercises that generated new...