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PQE GroupPQE Group is an ISO 9001-certified technology solutions and compliance consulting services company for the life sciences industry, providing global capabilities deliverable throughout the entire product quality life cycle. Established in 1998, PQE Group has 45+ offices worldwide and more than 2000 industry professionals; it is known for thinking globally and acting locally. PQE Group successfully supports small, medium and large sized organizations with their development and compliance-related challenges, offering specific capabilities in:

Over the years, PQE Group’s M&A process has been developed with a Federation Model, which is used to this day. This network of alliances collaborating around the world allows PQE Group to complement its services delivery, enhance its capabilities portfolio and scale up projects faster and more efficiently.

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About PQE Group

Gilda D'Incerti
Founder & CEO
PQE Group

A woman-owned company, we strongly believe that our success is fully tied to the well-being of the environment and the communities in which we live and work. This is the reason why we are highly focused on diversity, inclusion and corporate social responsibility.

By supporting the most important regulatory agencies around the world (FDA, EMA, COFEPRIS, AIFA, etc.), successfully completing thousands of projects for clients worldwide, and having received numerous awards and accolades, PQE Group is well known globally. As an example, PQE Group was recently named one of the 50 Most Important Consulting Companies in Mexico and was certified as a Great Place to Work in the US.

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At PQE Group, we are committed to promoting innovation and inclusivity in healthcare. That's why one of our key endeavors is the FemTech initiative!

FemTech is revolutionizing women's health by harnessing the power of technology. From personalized health tracking to cutting-edge medical solutions, we're driving change for women everywhere. 💪🏥

Join us on this incredible journey by visiting our dedicated FemTech page and exploring the future of women's healthcare. 👩‍⚕️💻

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Resources and Webinars

PQE Group is passionate about disseminating knowledge among our peers and clients. Explore our extensive collection of articles for fresh perspectives on the latest trends, activities, challenges, and triumphs within the industry.

Latest Insights:

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Each webinar is archived post-live broadcast and is accessible at no cost. Select a session in your preferred language, register, and connect with us on our online platform.

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