Kneat - ISPE Silver Corporate Partner

kneatKneat Solutions Inc. (TSX: KSI) provides leading companies in highly regulated industries with unparalleled efficiency in validation and compliance through its digital validation platform Kneat Gx. We lead the industry in customer satisfaction with an unblemished record for retention and implementation, powered by our user-friendly design, expert support, and on-demand training academy.

About Kneat

As an ISPE Silver Corporate Partner, Kneat is able to speak to emerging validation trends and challenges, bringing expert thought leadership and a unique focus to the industry. Kneat works with its clients to streamline validation and unlock new value through data centricity. Together, with ISPE, Kneat will position validation and quality teams to do even more with the data their activities produce, including enhancing quality, creating competitive advantage, and accelerating speed to market.

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About Kneat

Kneat Gx: Comprehensive End-to-End Validation Management

Kneat Gx, Kneat’s digital validation platform, is purpose-built for life sciences companies, enabling any validation activity to be done in real time, with no paper, and in complete compliance with 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11. Kneat Gx allows users to execute tests online, send for review/approval to anywhere, and secure work with password protected signatures. Our Requirements Traceability Index provides unparalleled data access, so you are audit ready, every time.

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