Belimed Life Science - ISPE Gold Corporate Partner

Belimed Life Science

Belimed Life Science is a manufacturer of customer-specific process solutions for machine cleaning and sterilization.

Although Belimed Life Science has only been around on paper since April 2019, we already have 50 years of experience in the field of Life Science cleaning systems and steam sterilizers. Through the repositioning we enjoy the advantages of an SME with shorter distances, faster processes and more efficient project management. This enables us to respond more specifically to the special challenges of the life science industry.

What We Do?

Have you ever asked yourself how to ensure that no dangerous viruses or bacteria escape from laboratories or pharmaceutical companies? Belimed Life Science AG takes care of this with its process solutions for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. The customer-specific systems ensure that products in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, laboratory and cosmetics industries are sterile and clean. In addition to these systems, we also offer the appropriate process solutions, upgrades, services and accessories to guarantee repeatable processes. With our two production sites in Sulgen (CH) and Grosuplje (SI) and our worldwide service network with our Service Hub in Charleston (SC) we can react flexibly and quickly to customer requirements. With over 250 specialists, we enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide and our products are among the best in the world.

Belimed Life Science

Our Cleaning Systems

Our PH Washer Family

Our WD 750 Industrial Cleaning System

Our PH 390 Multi Chamber Cleaning System

Our Compact PH 810 GMP Washer

The Large PH 880.2 GMP Washer

The Racks for Our Cleaning Systems

Our Steam Sterilization Processes

Since you cannot look into our steam sterilizers during the process to see what is happening in the sterilizer, we have animated our 4 processes.

Sterilize Solid Goods

Sterilize Liquid Goods

Sterilize Open Liquid Goods

Sterilize with a Hot Water Shower

We are Certified!

All our sites in Switzerland, the USA, and Slovenia are certified according to ISO 13485. We are proud to be able to comply with this demanding standard. Furthermore, we build our steam sterilizers to comply with local pressure equipment guidelines such as ASME BPE in the U.S.

We are certified

Our Services!

In addition to our worldwide service, we also offer other services related to cleaning and sterilization. At the heart of our service are our global partners, our spare parts warehouses in Europe, Asia, and the USA, and our well-trained service staff.

worldwide service

Additional services are, for example, washing material recording by means of a 3D scan so that we can build a suitable rack. We also offer training, maintenance and repair support using augmented reality technology.

3D Scan of Racks

Rack Loading Support with Augmented