Yoshihiro Matsuda, PhD

Senior Scientist for Quality
Dr. Matsuda is a pharmacist and a senior scientist for Quality, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA).

Dr. Matsuda received Ph.D. degree in Medicine from Tokyo Medical and Dental University in 2003. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from Toho University and a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from Toyama medical and Pharmaceutical University.

Dr. Matsuda joined the Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices Evaluation Center, the predecessor of PMDA, in 2003 and he is currently responsible for quality assessment of medicines. He was a member of ICH Q9 Expert Working Group, ICH Quality Implementation Working Group (Q-IWG) and ICH Informal Quality Discussion Group (IQDG). He leads Innovative Manufacturing Technology Working Group (IMT-WT) at PMDA.