Varley Dias Sousa

Directorate Senior Adviser
Bachelor of Pharmacy (2003-Unifal). Postgraduated in International Health (2006-USP) and in health surveillance (2008-Fiocruz). Master degree in bioethics and Public Health (2013-UnB). Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2017-UnB).
Since 2004 he acts as a Health Regulatory Expert. After a short experience (1y) in National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurances (ANS) (1y), he moved to Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA). In ANVISA, he has been working in several departments, including, Medicines and Biotherapics Marketing Authorization Office (Technical assessor and inspector – 10y and General Manager – 1y); Brazilian Pharmacopoeia (secretary and chairman - 2y); International Affairs Office (Advisor - 6m); Inspection and Enforcement Office (Advisor and deputy General Manager – 1,5y); and, currently, the Second Directorate (Senior Advisor - 3y).
As a health regulator, he has been working in different regulatory functions, e.g. marketing authorization and GMP/GCP/GLP inspections, as well as, international regulatory convergency activities including WHO, PIC/S, IPRP and ICH.