Timothy C. Alsin

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QSPEC Solutions Inc
Tim Alsin is the President of QSPEC Solutions, Inc., a company which provides consulting and implementation services for automation. He specializes in the areas of project justification and project scope definition for QSPEC Solutions’ clients in order to deliver business benefits along with quality automation solutions. His main areas of expertise include analysis of client needs, conceptual definition of automation solutions, system design, equipment specification and project management. Alsin brings a solid technical basis to his analysis of client requirements. Prior to joining QSPEC Solutions, he served as a project manager for a large international system integration company and has also been the engineering manager for a small regional integration company. During his 20+ years in providing automation systems, he has been responsible for all aspects of a variety of projects from concept through completion, including project management, design, development and execution, quality assurance and validation. Alsin is an ISPE Member since 2001 and has worked in the life sciences industry for 7 years. He has also worked for the aerospace, oil and gas, chemical, grain handling and grain processing industries. He has extensive experience in designing fault-tolerant, high availability systems for critical applications. High profile projects he was responsible for include the Environmental Control system for LC-41 at Cape Canaveral, Florida, an upgrade of the SCADA system for the Alaska Pipeline, and the Terminal Management System for British Petroleum’s 150+ liquid fuel terminals on 3 continents.