Tieg Murray Rustam

Skanska USA Building Inc
Marketing Director, S+T Advisory Council
Tieg Murray Rustam is Director of Market Strategy at Skanska USA. She partners with local offices to strategize key client accounts, assists with strategic pursuits and manages overall branding initiatives to help local markets grow their science and technology portfolio and strengthen Skanska’s brand and visibility within the S+T market sector. Tieg acts as a national liaison to connect the dots on client accounts, projects, staffing, etc.

With over 16 years of experience in communications and marketing, focusing on strategy, design and production, Tieg is a passionate, enthusiastic marketing professional with a strong brand vision. She continuously strives to inspire others to embrace this vision. Tieg joined Skanska in 2008 as a marketing coordinator in Skanska’s Philadelphia office. She now oversees the vision and creation of all national marketing materials for S+T and the development of key messaging for all national public relations initiatives.

Tieg has been an active member of ISPE since 2015. She served as co-chair of the ISPE DVC Marketing and Communications (MAC) Committee for two years before becoming vice president and focuses on communications and announcements to the DVC membership.