Subrata Chakraborty

Principal Advisor
Subrata Chakraborty has been associated with pharmaceutical industry for over 24yrs, handling Manufacturing, Quality operations, Validations, cGMP-compliance, Training and Project management with over ten years in senior leadership roles at global MNCs like Cipla, Pfizer, Novartis and Fresenius-Kabi. Subrata is currently leading Gxpfont Consulting Group, a global Pharma Consulting and Technology solutions company, as Principal Advisor. He is an active member of PDA and currently volunteers as “PDA-letter editorial committee” from Asia-pacific region. • He is a member of the working group of Society for Sterility Assurance Professionals (SfSAP). • He is a member of “PDA-TR-22 revision team” and “upcoming PDA-PtC for ATMPs”. • He has been a reviewer for many technical publications including; PDA-PtC for Isolator Technology, PDA-TR on Technology Transfer and WHO guidance on Technology Transfer (as part of PDA commenting Team). He has authored/co-authored in several technical articles and journals, and has been a regular speaker on topics related to Aseptic processing and Emerging technologies, and contributed in many industry-wide forums.