Silas Tamufor

Quality Assurance, R&D Clinical Injectable Manufacturing
Silas Tamufor is a quality assurance professional in R&D clinical injectables manufacturing at Sanofi. Silas holds a bachelor's degree in biotechnology from Worcester State University and a Graduate degree in Biotechnology from Framingham State University. Currently, Silas is a Ph.D. student pursuing a doctoral degree in public health with a specialization in Epidemiology, reflecting a strong commitment to advancing public health and healthcare research. With manufacturing experience in fermentation and purification, Silas has supported quality assurance activities, particularly in buffer media preparation, upstream scale-up activities, downstream purification, and supported activities in bringing online a new fill-finish multipurpose automated isolator. Additionally, Silas excels in managing raw material release and onboarding new part numbers and drug product programs. Silas is the co-chair of the educational programs committee for the ISPE Boston area chapter, and previously served as a member of the ISPE Boston area chapter product show committee and emerging leaders.