Shlomo Sackstein

Biopuremax Ltd
Mr. Shlomo Sackstein is Chief Executive Officer at Biopuremax and the Biopuremax patent holder, with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University.<br><br>Biopuremax is a Turn Key contract supplier of Biopharma water systems in which Biopuremax, designs and builds production, storage and distribution systems for PW, HPW and WFI.<br><br>Shlomo has been designing, installing, validating and operating high purity water systems for 20 years in the Biopharma industry all over the world, including North America, China, India, Europe and Middle East.<br><br>He has expertise in pretreatment, production and storage & distribution systems for PW/HPW/WFI, USP/EP.<br><br>Shlomo Sackstein is a long-standing member of ISPE and now a member of the ISPE Sub Committee for critical utilities. In addition, Shlomo is an active member of the executive board of the Israel PDA chapter.<br><br>He is presently the chairman of the ISO standards committee TC282 / WG 3 Purified water (PW) and water for injection (WFI) pretreatment and production systems.