Ryan S. McDonough, PE

Senior Associate, Biotech Market Leader
yan McDonough is a notable thought leader in the biotech industry who is currently leading CRB’s biotechnology market sector. He is spearheading the development and progression of the advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP)/cell and gene therapy initiative at CRB. McDonough has worked with clients on multi-process facilities predicated on maximum flexibility, logistics optimization and technologies that reduce overhead costs, allow pipeline expandability and produce a higher quality therapeutic—all with the purpose of creating lifesaving therapies and cures.>br/> McDonough has a strong technical background in process design for biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and spent much of his early career performing both engineering design and project management. Twenty years of progressive experience has provided him with in-depth knowledge of the design, construction and qualification requirements necessary for delivering integrated ONEsolution™ projects. Aside from his technical proficiency, McDonough possesses a unique ability to thoroughly understand the financial implications and business impacts of facility design choices and acts as a steward to clients, assisting with the best decisions for their business and bottom line.>br/> McDonough is an active board member of the Joel Anthony Gingras (JAG) Jr. Memorial Foundation, which focuses on fundraising for brain tumor research and increasing public awareness.