Roger Stephen Buchanan, BSC

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Buchanan Consultancy Ltd
Senior Consultant Computer Quality
I retired at the end June 2018 from Elanco/EliLilly and started my own Consultancy company 'Buchanan Consultancy ltd'. Completed a 3month SAP project in Ireland. Worked with Company on Network validation (S95). Completed 3 day Validation training to Abbvie (Ireland). Completed project on GC Migration and Global Systems Implementations. Joined Integrity solutions ltd to provide CSVQA consultancy support, via Integrity worked on SAP 18month migration project for BioPharma (Ireland), recently completed 12month project for Astellas as computer QA consultant providing validation support through complete systems life cycle, main focus to ensure GMP compliance and Data Integrity values where maintained throughout the project. Completed 6month project for NTT/BioNtech, SAP releases as Validation consultant.
Joined Eli Lilly in 1990 as Instrument Co-ordinator, then as Technical Engineer before moving into Quality in a validation role, supporting IT/Labs and Engineering. Received a bachelor’s degree in Systems Thinking from the Open University. Moved into a regional role as Computer Systems Quality Assurance providing computer validation support /training and consultation for the Lilly sites across EU/ Japan/China and Lacmass areas, covering IT, Laboratory, Automation Web and Mobile systems. Promoted to Consultant CSQ. Member of GAMP UK for the last 12 years and has been on number of Special Interest groups (Testing/Building Management, Automation systems.) Was Vice Chair of GAMP UK and is still a member of the GAMP Committee. Now working for the Animal Health part of Lilly i.e. Elanco in June 2015 supporting all existing and new Elanco sites across Europe / China and America regions.
Promoted to Senior associate consultant Providing computer quality training / supplier and Internal Computer Quality assessments and consultation to the IT/Laboratory and Automation teams across the Elanco sites.
. I worked in the Petro-chemical Industry as an Instrument Technician, working on Gas & Oil Platforms /Refinery’s across locations in Saudi Arabia / Libya /North sea Oil rigs and BP oil refinery terminal in Shetland islands.