Robert Dillman

Elk Ridge QA, LLC
Sr. Compliance Specialist-Data Integrity
Rob Dillman is a Sr. Compliance Specialist-Data Integrity: Consultant at Elk Ridge Quality Assurance, LLC with more than 26 years of experience working with a wide diversity of lab, IT, and automation systems implementing global Data Integrity and Quality initiatives for projects designed to protect information assets. He has a background in Data Integrity, quality auditing, and quality system integration. Rob was a major contributor to the ISPE GAMP RDI Good Practice Guide: Data Integrity-Key Concepts (Released in 2018) and the ISPE GAMP RDI Good Practice Guide: DI by Design-Data Life Cycle (Released in 2020). Rob obtained his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 1985 and a Master of Science in Neurobiology in 1995 from Colorado State University and then a second Master of Science in Regulatory and Quality Compliance from Purdue University in 2008. Rob is on the ISPE GAMP America’s Steering Committee, is the Director of the ISPE Annual Meeting Digital Transformation Track, and serves on the Annual Meeting Program Committee. He is also a member of the ISPE GAMP, GAMP CSA SIG, GAMP Software Automation and Artificial Intelligence SIG, and the GAMP DI SIG.