Peter W. Dodd

As a chemical engineer from Imperial College, London with a PhD in Ultrafiltration, I joined ICI in 1983 where I was the last fermentation engineer on ICI's Pruteen* plant and then the second and lead engineer on what was to become the Quorn* process. From there, the use of GMO's was pioneered with the world's first continuous GMO process to make a Fine Chemical. Various other uses of biotechnology ensued from biodegradable plastics, chiral molecules including a blockbuster for AZ and nutraceuticals. Most of my career has been involved with Biologics manufacture, being responsible for the start up of Avecia/MSD/Fujifilm's first biologic manufacture and its large scale Biologics facility. All of this has occurred at Billingham in NE England. I have been involved with ISPE for many years and am currently Chair of the UK Affiliate though now retired from paid work. I enjoy being creative and do practice the value of people to innovation and the sharing of pharmaceutical knowledge. * = trademarks